Custom Metal Fabrication

Because SSI has provided custom metal structural fabrication services for over 40 years, the variety of products we can produce is endless. Our flexibility allows us to fabricate many unique products satisfying a variety of applications in the aerospace, industrial, and military defense sector.

Regardless of the fabrication you need performed, SSI has the facilities (over 30,000 sq ft) and experience to provide you with quality services, quick turnaround and at a competitive price. SSI’s expertise includes manufacturing and fabrication in a variety of types of materials, including: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

SSI can fabricate your complete sub-assemblies or your complete product, at a single source, including offering any required specialization processes. We will shoulder the responsibility for all your requirements from prototype through production.

If needed, coating and finishing options are available from our highly experienced coating, plating, and painting  providers, and SSI will see that the coating you need is applied to your precise requirements, including Mil Spec and Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) painting services for military equipment.

Small sample of the types of SSI’s Metal Fabricating Capabilities: 

  •  Military Vehicle Explosion Blast Attenuating Seat Frames
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Engine Stands and Engine Lifting Slings
  • Instrumental Test Stands and Instrument Panel Assemblies
  • Helicopter Landing Skids, Footsteps, Avionic Chasses, etc.
  • Custom Tooling and Custom Weld Fixtures